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Created on Monday, 24 August 2015 02:00

riends of recently deceased Julija Belej Baković from Washington, USA, a molecular biologist born in Niš, supported the initiative of collecting material resources through the "crowdfunding" campaign that collected 1,131,888.00 RSD to help the Oncology Clinic in the Clinical Center Niš. In only three days the campaign gathered hundreds of small donations from her friends from all over the world. Julija worked at the International Republican Institute in Washington on programs of international development and democracy and struggled with metastatic breast cancer for 7 years. The funds enabled the purchase of a new ECG device (Schiller AT-2) and three new Braun peristaltic pumps with 1,000 systems and 10 infusomat systems. The supplier of the ECG device, Delta Naissa Company, joined the campaign by donating a software for the ECG device, worth 2,000 euros. The purchased equipment will improve the quality of treatment of patients at the Oncology Clinic.

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