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Nephrology Clinic was initially formed as an institute in 1972, by the Council of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš. A year after the adaptation works were finished and new non-standard equipment was obtained so that the Clinic could be provided with the personnel from the Internal Diseases Clinic. Each subsequent year brought richer content and increased responsibility of the collective. As the number of dialysis patients increased over time, the need for further capacity expansion and new equipment grew from day to day.Professional training of the staff was a constant concern of the Institute. This kind of liability, in an adequate form, is mandatory for all the workers of the Institute, nurses, legal and financial offices and unqualified support staff. In 1977 first steps were made towards the preparation for kidney transplantation, for which the Institute established professional and organizational cooperation with other institutes of Clinical Center Niš. On November 3, 1973, the Institute admitted first patients on dialysis. In the following years the amount of work increased significantly, in terms of both outpatients and patients on dialysis. Self-management agreements committed the Institute to provide professional, organizational and technical support in the spirit of the proclaimed "open door" policy to all who seek the cooperation with the Institute. Further examination of the problem of epidemic nephropathy and adoption of new development plans were in the focus of the collective in the following period.

Nephrology Clinic treats the following diseases:

Nephrology Hypertension
chronic kidney disease essential  hypertension
nephrology in intensive care hypertension in pregnancy
diabetic nephropathy malignant hypertension
glomerulonephritis orthostatic hypertension
hyperoxaluria posttransplantation hypertension
renal calculosis prehypertension
renal insuffiency primary aldosteronism
бубрeжнa инсуфициjeнциja renal artery stenosis
polycystic disease and other hereditary diseases рeнoвaскулaрнa хипeртeнзиja
renal parenchymal disease renovascular hypertension
glomerular diseases secondary hypertension



Department of Clinical Nephrology

·         Intensive Care Section

Dialysis Department

·         Section of Hemodialysis

·         Section of Peritoneal Dialysis

·         Section of Surgical Access for Dialysis

·         Section of Specific Blood Purification Procedures

·         Transplant Nephrology Section

 Department for Admission of Patients, Specialized and Consulting Activities and Diagnosis

·         Day Hospital Section

·         Section of Laboratory and Ultrasound Diagnosis


Radmila Veličković-Radovanović, MD, PhD


Slavomir Veljković, MD, PhD


Rade Čukuranović, MD, PhD

Doc. dr Branka Mitić

Prim. dr sci. med. Karolina Paunović


Dr Stanimir Ljubenović

Mr dr Snežana Aracki

Mr dr Jasmina Radivojević

Goran Paunović, MD, PhD

Tatjana Cvetković, MD, PhD

Sonja Radenković, MD, PhD

Dr med. sci. Momir Stojanović

Dr med. sci. Zorica Dimitrijević


Smiljana Vuksanović

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